Terms Of Service



1. This Website is the property of EDA Jewelry Ltd., C.N. 511579195 (hereinafter: “EDA” or the “Company”). The Company’s store and office are located at 19 King David St., Jerusalem, POB 7084, zip code 9107002, Israel, telephone +972-26242190. The store operates under the brand name “Danny Eliav” or “Danny Eliav Jewelry”.


2. Use of this Website is offered subject to your acceptance of the terms, conditions and notices included herein, to the letter. Your use of this Website shall be deemed as consent to all terms, conditions and notices included herein, and these Terms of Service as specified herein shall constitute a valid contract while you are using this Website. All use of this Website is conditional upon and subject to your acceptance of the terms, conditions and notices included herein with the intent to treat them as binding for all intents and purposes.


3. The purpose of this Website is to publicize the products and allow users to view and get an impression of the products; it is intended solely for the personal use of users, and not for any commercial uses. Users are invited to observe and appreciate the actual products at the Company store, on 19 King David St., Jerusalem. The photos on the Website are intended for illustration only. Differences may occur between the image of a product on the Website and the actual product. As aforesaid, users are welcome to view the actual products, and in any case, EDA shall not be liable in any way for differences of that kind.


4. It is hereby clarified that the Website does enable online purchases, but rather only a viewing of images of selected products. A product marked on the Website and sold at the Company store shall be subject to the return conditions as provided in the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981. For the removal of doubt, it is hereby clarified that products specially designed according to a personal request or in which a bespoke modification was made at the request of a client cannot be returned.


5. In order to receive quotes for the products presented on the Website, please contact EDA at Tel. +972-2-6242190 or via the Website Contact Form.


6. All copyrights and intellectual property relating to this Website, including its contents, name, design, trademarks (registered and unregistered) and service marks included therein, jewelry designs (including bespoke jewelry pieces created at special requests) and all copyrights, designs, patterns and patents appearing therein, are the exclusive property of EDA and are protected by law.


7. Users of this Website are prohibited from making changes, copying, distributing, broadcasting, presenting, replicating, issuing license, creating derivative works or selling any or all of the information, software, items or links originating in this Website. The aforesaid intellectual property, or any part thereof, cannot be copied, distributed, modified, publicly presented or conveyed to any third party, without the advance and written consent of the Company. The trademarks contained in the Website are the exclusive property of the Company and may not be used without its advance and written consent.


8. The information provided on the Website is for the purpose of general impression only. EDA reserves all and any right to change such information as needed, but cannot guarantee that the information on the Website is at all times updated, and is not obliged to update that information. Among other things, EDA cannot guarantee that all the products appearing on the Website shall be actually available.


9. EDA is making every effort to protect the integrity of personal information received in this Website and to safeguard the confidentiality thereof. The sole purpose of information-gathering is to identify a client when making a purchase or visiting the Website. Some of the services offered by this Website require registration, which would require you to provide personal information such as your name and email address. Upon providing such information, you are doing do freely and willingly.

The Company shall not disclose your information to any third party unless legally required to do so.


10. In any case, EDA or any of its executives or shareholders shall not bear any responsibility or liability – of any sort or kind – relating, directly or indirectly, to the use of this Website or the information contained therein, including but not limited to, any special or constructive damage stemming from use of the Website, the inability to use the Website or the reliance on information appearing therein. Furthermore, the Company shall not be liable in any way with regard to the use of other websites whose links appear on this Website.


11. In the event the Company does not exercise one or more of its rights according to law and/or this contract, this shall not be deemed waiver or abandonment on behalf of the Company and shall not prevent it from exercising such rights in the future. In case a provision or term within these Terms of Service is rendered unenforceable or unlawful, for any reason, this shall not undermine the validity of all other terms and provisions.


12. The law governing these Terms of Service and/or any dispute relating thereto and/or stemming therefrom shall be the law of the State of Israel. The competent courts in the District of Jerusalem shall be granted exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes relating to and/or stemming from, directly or indirectly, the provisions of these Terms of Service or the use of the Website.